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  • F&V Ultracolour Ringlight

F&V Ultracolour Ringlight

The Z720S was built with the professional cinematographer in mind. With 15mm LWS support or alternatively 19mm Studio support the Z720S offers industry-standard mounting options that allow the Z720S to be used for productions both big and small.

Daily Hire Price: £35.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

Unprecedented Colour Accuracy – The Z720S utilises F&V’s latest LED technology, the UltraColour LED. A precise coating technique and a meticulous review process ensure that UltraColour LEDs deliver accurate results every time and with unheard-of tolerances. In fact, we guarantee it. Our UltraColour LED is rated at a TLCI of 95 (95 ±1.0)

Be Creative Anywhere – The Z720S is the perfect companion on the road. The unit can be powered by two small NP-F Li-Ion batteries.

Precise Control – An illuminated LCD displays both intensity and CCT (in the Bi-Colour model only). Dial-in your perfect settings every time.

Unique and Gorgeous Catchlights – For Independent Quadrant Control the Z720’s circuitry is divided into four quadrants. This gives each quadrant independent control over the intensity and CCT (in the Bi-Colour model only). Create distinctive catchlights with the press of a button.