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  • LiteGear LiteMat Plus 2L Kit Inc Dop Choice

LiteGear LiteMat Plus 2L Kit Inc Dop Choice

This is the newest version of LiteMat+ Plus 2L kit. It includes local, DMX, and wireless controls along with the latest accessories, battery solutions and mounting options.

Daily Hire Price: £80.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

The LiteMat is one of the most affordable, professional cinema lighting fixtures available today. The LiteMat Plus 2L is based on two “tiled” light engines which are protected by a thin, clear polycarbonate layer. The LiteMat utilizes Velcro® “loop” fasteners to attach numerous accessories. Its lightweight (3.8 lb) and thin profile (0.9 in.) make this fixture ideal for any lighting challenge you encounter.

For LiteMat+ Plus ONE, TWO and TWO-LONG, we recommend single-battery DC power solutions. Optionally, double-battery options shown below may also be used. These “double” solutions always require the use of 2 batteries, however. For LiteMat+ THREE and FOUR, we only recommend the double-battery solutions with 2 or more battery packs for reliable operation. Think one battery pack for every 100 watts of power.

A multi-wall polypropylene (coroplast) skirt that helps control the light output by limiting the amount of light exiting the fixture beyond the 120-degree primary field. The PolySkirt is assembled using shock-cord and mounts to the LiteMat head with Velcro. The PolySkirt also serves as an accessory holder as all remaining accessories require its use.

Woven fabric “diffusers “are a typically used item for this type of lighting system. LiteMat Diffusers are made in industry- standard varieties and are assembled by stitching “hook” Velcro around their borders that mate with the loop on the skirt. Presently, there are 3 densities grid-cloth (full, half, and quarter). This item is a single diffuser in quarter density.

Our 12 ft PL7 extension cable features a locking connection and is compatible with every size of the LiteMat+ Plus, the LiteTile+ Plus family, and the new LiteDimmer+ Plus series.

An aluminized plastic molded sheet with parabolic elements within each square cell that provides desirable light output with refined edges and an even field. Velcro One-Wrap die cut strips are attached to the edges to serve as a mounting method to the required PolySkirt.

The LiteMount is based on the RAM® ball-and-socket mounting system – a trusted, durable, and reliable mounting system with many ancillary accessories.

The KitBag holds the LiteMat fixture as well as the accessories including the PolySkirt, Parasquare® Louver, Diffusers, LiteDimmer, power supply, Centre Mount, and cables. This bag is specifically designed to protect your gear from “everyday” damage due to environmental conditions.