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  • Astera AX9 PowerPAR Kit 8 Heads

Astera AX9 PowerPAR Kit 8 Heads

The AX9 utilizes the AX5’s successful 3-in-1 concept which allows it to be used as wireless light and elegant up light as well as a wired PAR light for longer or bigger installations. This makes it an extremely cost-efficient light and keeps your investment to a minimum.

Daily Hire Price: £325.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

The AX9 packs extreme brightness in a compact and light housing while still giving you industry-leading colors and white tones thanks to its Titan LED Engine.

Multi-functional bracket to be used as a stand or to hang lights with 3/8” thread, airline track and 1/2” hole. For a cleaner look when up lighting, the bracket can be slid out. Quick-release kickstand that allows to angle the fixture within seconds. Our kit offers a variety of beam-modifying filters. When inserted into the AX5 they can widen the beam angle. Our Kits come with a wall wash and flood filter.