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  • Exalux Exatile Pixel Head

Exalux Exatile Pixel Head

EXALUX introduces a new generation of multi-purpose LED tile to the film, broadcast, event and architectural markets.

EXATILE PIXEL is a fusion of a video tile and lighting fixture featuring a fully pixelated 32×32 RGBW LED matrix.

You will now be able to achieve amazing lighting effects which have never been done before.

Daily Hire Price: £90.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

EXATILE PIXEL, in short :

1024 pixels LED tile,

ExaChrome LED Engine (RGBW 3000K),

CCT from 2 000K to 10 000K (Ra :95 min),

Control Modes : CCT+G/M, X/Y, HSI, RGB, Pixel,

Pixel Modes : P1 (32×32), P4 (16×16), P16 (8×8), P64 (4×4)

DMX/RDM + Wireless DMX (LumenRadio CRMX™),

Art-Net, sACN,

V-Mount battery powered (14,4-26VDC),

100-240VAC input,

120W Power Draw,