Creamsource Vortex 8 Snap Bag & Egg Crate Kit


Creamsource Vortex 8 DopChoice Snap Bag & Egg Crate Kit


The DopChoice Snapbag for Vortex8 LED Panel from Creamsouce lowers contrast while softening the panel’s light quality.

Instantly Snaps Open for Use

Folds Flat for Storage

The DopChoice 40° Snapgrid for Snapbag for Vortex8 from Creamsouce measures 26.6 x 35.4″ and helps soften the panel’s light quality, while providing the directionality needed for selective lighting

The DopChoice 40° Direct Fit Snap Grid for Vortex8 LED Panel with Dome from Creamsource gives you directional control of a soft light source with the Dome Diffuser on the panel. The Snap Grid mounts via touch-fasteners and narrows the beam spread to provide directional control needed for selective lighting.