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  • Astera Lightsock 40

Astera Lightsock 40

Lightsock 40 – Covered Wagon for the Titan Tube

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The Lightsock 40 is a covered wagon style diffusion system made specifically for the Astera Titan and AX1 tubes. When used without the included blackout “siders” it will provide 360° of beautifully diffused light. The diffusion comes by way of proprietary material known as “Pearelescent” by the manufacture. Adding 1 “sider” and you can reduce the aperture to 180°. Add the second to reduce the aperture even further. Access the back of your Titan through the provided cut outs with your fingers or clamp of choice. Use the M5 threaded holes on the knurled aluminium ends to attach your Astera floor stand.