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  • Cream Source Vortex 8 Inc Dome

Cream Source Vortex 8 Inc Dome

Creamsource Vortex 8 RGBW Light. The Vortex8 is a versatile 2×1 RGBW system with CCT ranging from 2200K to 15000K that can be used as a hard punch light to bounce or push through diffusion, or as a creamy soft light with the Creamsource Dome or DoPchoice Snapbag. Effects and colour Gels are built into the latest CreamOS architecture in addition to a range of new features wrapped into an intuitive user interface

Daily Hire Price: £195.00

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Introducing CreamOS
The new Vortex8 has been built with new software architecture at its base, supporting a myriad of new features, protocols and connectivity mediums making the future evolution of CreamOS very exciting. The new feature set has been wrapped into a new user interface, enhancing the user experience.

Unpredictable weather and messy effects machines are no longer a worry for the lighting department where the Vortex is in place. The Vortex8 is IP65 water resistant and sealed for the ultimate security and efficiency. Rain, snow and dust wont hold the Vortex back.

The vortex 8 has an output 650W of LED power providing the equivalent output to a HMI 1.2Kw Fresnel. A native 20° beam angle for extreme punch and intensity. This can be diffused with the Creamsource Dome. With the high power output an active cooling system is in place with silent fans and effective heat dissipation through the machined chassis.