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  • Aladdin 100w Bi Colour / 40w RGB Flex 2*1 Fly Ball

Aladdin 100w Bi Colour / 40w RGB Flex 2*1 Fly Ball

This Aladdin Fly Ball kit is ideal for walking light.  You can strap the dimmer and battery to your belt, giving you complete freedom to walk about.
Super light weight, takes no effort to hold this light. Super bright and with Aladdin’s fantastic light quality you get great skin tones.

Aladdin ALL-2BI-KITC. All In 2 2×1 LED 100W Bi-Colour Light Kit – includes Panel, Dimmer and Case. Can you imagine a filmset without LED lights any-more? Proba­bly not. The industry is changing and LED lights became a major deal in the workflow. Most people go for LED lights on their sets and we understand why and how they choose their gear. This is the reason for our endless journey to provide the best LED light sources for the industry. You need just the best of the best and none less. Today is the day we are introducing the brand new Aladdin ALL IN 1 series to you.

Daily Hire Price: £80.00

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The Aladdin All In One series is the result of innovation and feedback from the community. By using Aladdin products, you are part of the All In One journey and helped Aladdin to create an ingenious light panel for you. Starting with an incredible compact built-in dimmer on the back of the panel. Less weight, easier handling and much more solid than previous generations.

Get the most value out of your production with our new RGB lights and give your footage the ultimate cinematographic flair. With the RGB panels in your bag you are prepared for almost every situation you will ever face in your career. Next new feature is the app. We know not everything on this planet needs an app. But why not use this technology for something that is predestined for easier and more accessible control.

Why not work faster and more precise on set. The new app provides you all controls in the range of your fingers. Dim a light you just installed on the ceiling across the room without even moving away from your spot. Technology is all there, and you are free to use it with us. With motion control Aladdin are even going one step further. Trust your feelings and decide for yourself if you want to use it professionally or not. Motion control for the new panels is provided with the app and optional remote control as well. Control dimming or colour temperature with a tilt movement of your hand and get astonishing results with this new kind of workflow.