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  • Arri Sky Panel X Hyper Optics

Arri Sky Panel X Hyper Optics

With HyPer Optics, the SkyPanel X becomes a high-output ARRI hard light panel, casting a refined rounded beam.

Daily Hire Price: £40.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

Delivers 4,800 lux at 10 m in the X21 format and is fully weatherproof.

The HyPer Optic goes beyond S60 beam options, creating a superior hard light experience.

Configurable as a 2:1 (X21), 2:2 (X22), or 2:3 (X23) hard light source, offering one single, rounded beam for each format.

Features 8 controllable and sealed pixel zones for precise hard light control.

Wide 1,500 K – 20,000 K CCT range, with high-res, flicker-free dimming.

High-contrast looks when used as a direct source, great bouncing possibilities.

CRMX2, BLE, Bluetooth 5.0, and modular design enhance this hard light panel’s usability.

Compatible with DoPchoice SNAPBOX® SNOOT and SNAPGRID® for extra beam accuracy