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  • Pea Soup Micro Rocket 12v DC Smoke Machine

Pea Soup Micro Rocket 12v DC Smoke Machine

The Micro Rocket operates on a 12V DC battery (supplied) and is a very easy to carry and operate. The fluid tank on the unit is leak proof so the unit can be operated at any angle without fluid spills.

Daily Hire Price: £35.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

The Micro Rocket fog machine is perfect for situations where a touch of fog is required in remote or unusual places. It is equally capable when a steady stream of fog is needed (the unit can produce fog continuously for approx. 50 minutes with the optional dummy battery). The unit is the size of a small water bottle and can be discreetly placed on props, inside sets or held in the hand.
Kit comprises:
1 x Micro Rocket fog machine
1 x spout extension
1 x battery
1 x recharger and lead
1 x 500ml bottle of fog fluid
1 x flight case