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  • Scissor Clamp w/Baby Pin 16mm/ 5/8in

Scissor Clamp w/Baby Pin 16mm/ 5/8in

The C1000 Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp is ideal for hanging LED panels, small HMI’s and other types of lights and grip tools. Attaching a light to a drop ceiling is an easy way to get lights and grip accessories into tight areas as well as keeping it off the ground. The C1000 comes with a 16 mm/ 5/8 in baby pin.

Daily Hire Price: £1.00

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16 mm/ 5/8” baby pin: scissor clip designed for drop ceilings

Ideal for small and medium light fixtures

Works well with C1005 to hold cables

Easily tighten and remove scissor clip by spinning the baby pin