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  • Rosco DMG Dash Dot Accessory

Rosco DMG Dash Dot Accessory

Optional Round Diffuser for Rosco DMG DASH. The DOT Round Diffuser is a half globe that magnetically snaps onto the front of Rosco’s DMG DASH LED fixture. This accessory transforms the light from the rectangular DMG DASH into a glowing circle of light – making it perfect for creating eye light, adding a dash of color into a tabletop shot, or for use as an on-screen practical. Made of flexible silicone, the DOT collapses flat for storage and transport. Each DOT ships with a fabric bag.


Daily Hire Price: £5.00

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Even though DOT is constructed from an ultraviolet-stabilized silicone material, we recommend keeping DOT in its storage bag when not in use. Protecting DOT from sunlight and other UV sources will ensure maximum longevity and light consistency for the product.