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  • Nanlux Evoke 900c Kit

Nanlux Evoke 900c Kit

The Evoke 900C is adopted with the state-of-the-art RGBLAC six colour mixing system adding Lime, amber and Cyan on base of the primary colours RGB, reaching a new altitude in colour accuracy.

As a point source LED, a quick switch between soft and hard light can be easily achieved on the Evoke 900C via attaching different modifiers. Flooding, spotting and cutting are also a sure thing in order to provide more light shaping freedom for image making.

The RGBLAC colour mixing technology on the Evoke 900C enables more colour options, and the ultra-wide CCT range also renders the accurate sunlight or moonlight while maintaining excellent light quality all the time.

The evoke 900c is a revolutionary weapon for DPs and gaffers.

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The G/M±200 of △uv adjusting range gives the Evoke 900C the ability of not only calibrating the G/M deviation, matching common light sources or other brands LED lights on the market, but also giving a more cinematic look to the frame.

The Evoke 900C is built with a combination of 4 buttons, 3 knobs and an upgraded 3.5 inch full-colour TFT screen, gives users an intuitive interface and a better operating experience. More comprehensive wired and wireless control methods are available for offering more flexibility for creators based upon the actual scenarios.

DMX/RDM Wired Control Solution The fixture comes with DMX 5-pin port, supporting DMX/RDM control and guaranteeing stable operation for large scenes.

Art-Net/sACN    Wired Control Solution The Evoke 900C is equipped with 5-pin XLR in & out ports and LAN in & out ports, supporting basic DMX/RDM control and Ethernet control based on Art-Net/sACN protocol. Through the LAN ports’Art-Net/sACN control, the Evoke 900C could not only easily achieve a much longer distance of signal transmission than traditional cable plus a more convenient control across multiple universes, without affected by signal decay, but also embed seamlessly into Unreal Engine’s lighting system with the matching DMX mode, allowing the Evoke 900C to respond correctly to changes in the virtual environment in real time.

1 x Evoke 900C FL-YK-KIT Flight Case Kit, 1 x Evoke 900C, 1 x Yoke, 1 x Power Supply, 1 x RF-NLM-45 Reflector. 1 x DC Connection Cable 7.5M, 1 x AC Power Cable 6M, 1 x AS-CP-QR-EV Quick Release Clamp, 1 x FL-35YK Lens, 1 x USB Flash Drive, 1 x CC-EV1200-FL-YK-FT Flight Case