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  • The Light Bridge CRLS C-Drive Kit 1-4

The Light Bridge CRLS C-Drive Kit 1-4

The Lightbridge CRLS C-Drive Kit features trolley wheels for easy transportation. These reflectors are the perfect tool to reflect lighting in different directions providing you with a multitude of cinematic lighting effects.

Daily Hire Price: £125.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

All in one – Safe and protected in our Flight case

Flight case with wheels + Cordura Bags and Neoprene Sleeves

Including C-Reflectors:

50x50cm Diff 1-4

25x25cm Diff 1-4

15x15cm Diff 1-4

7x7cm Diff 1-4



4x C-Wheels Spigot

4x C-Wheels Receiver

2x Spare Safety Wedge Kits

4x safeties

1x C-Cleaning