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  • K6500 Joker Bug 400w

K6500 Joker Bug 400w

The 400W is one the most popular unit of the Joker² range,. The 400W joker bug is perfect for the traveling gaffer.

Daily Hire Price: £75.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

The Joker² 400W is 25% brighter than its original Joker counterpart.  Drawing less than 2 amps on 230V, the new Joker² 400 is one of the smallest, most efficient light sources on the market today.

Like all Jokers, the 400 can be used with its Parabolic Beamer and lens set, or without for use in a myriad of soft light accessories.

Simple use of our custom Bug-A-Beam Adapter gives you a punchy ellipsoidal follow spot.

The new hi-speed ballast includes dimming, 300/1000Hz Frequency selection, and wireless DMX receiver inside.