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  • Dedolight PanAura5 1Kw

Dedolight PanAura5 1Kw

Dedolight DLH400S 1000-Watt Tungsten Soft Light

The Dedolight DLH400S is a dedicated 1000-Watt Tungsten Tungsten soft light. When used with a Dedoflex, Photoflex, or Chimera softbox, it provides two times the light output when compared to any softbox mounted to a Fresnel fixture. It provides perfectly even light distribution.

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1 x DLH400S 400W HMI Soft Light & Lamp

1 x Electronic Ballast

1 x DLH1000S Plus 1000W Soft Light & Lamp

1 x PanAura 5′ Octodome