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  • Dedolight Large Eflect Kit

Dedolight Large Eflect Kit

Reflected light for creative elements and backgrounds. The multi-mirror reflectors can be bent and shaped for a multitude of light effects for projection, not only on the background but also on persons.

Neutral effects can simulate light spots and speckles as they can be seen when sunlight or moonlight falls through leaf structures of trees or bushes. Laminated colour effect filters look super simple, but offer an amazing variety of effects.

The light heads can be used in their original version or in conjunction with the parallel beam attachment for expanded power use and additional variation of effects. When using the parallel beam attachments, the useful light is doubled.

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Dedolight SEFL-1 (SEFL1) Large EFLECT Kit In Soft Case With Multi-Mirror #1 In Silver And Gold dedolight-sefl-1-eflect-kit-mirror-1 / SEFL-1