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  • Dedolight DP1.1 Projection Attachment 85mm Kit

Dedolight DP1.1 Projection Attachment 85mm Kit

These projection lenses are specifically designed for the Dedolight system. They are high quality lenses with metal barrels designed to withstand high heat.

Dedolight DPL85M (DPL-85M) 85mm f2.8 lens for use with DP1 / DP10 projectors dedo_dpl85m / DPL85M. The Dedolight projection attachment employs interchangeable lenses with different focal lengths to produce various angles and image sizes, like the way lenses are used on a camera.

Daily Hire Price: £15.00

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The 85mm lens can project an image with a diameter of 53″ (135 cm) at a distance of 6-1/2′ (2m).

1 x Lens

4 x Cutter Blades

1 x Iris

1 x Soft Bag