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  • Showtec Truss Buffer RDM 1-6

Showtec Truss Buffer RDM 1-6

Showtec Truss Booster RDM 1-6 DMX/RDM Signal Splitter with 6x Outputs, Compact Design & Robust Housing

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The Showtec Truss Booster RDM 1-6 is a compact Signal Splitter and the perfect solution for dividing and amplifying DMX or RDM Signals. The Truss Booster RDM 1-6 can be easily mounted on Frames or Tubes. It can be mounted through the Bracket or by means of Velcro Strips that can be pulled through the 4x Slots. An additional Rubber Ring on both sides of the Robust Housing makes the Booster ideal for Mobile Applications.

The main features of the Showtec Truss Booster RDM 1-6 include:

DMX/RDM Splitter for 6x Outputs, Powercon In/Out, Supports the Remote Device Management (RDM) Protocol, Inputs: 3-Pin XLR (Male), Outputs: 6x 3-Pin XLR (Female) & 1x 3-Pin XLR Thru (Female), Maximum Ambient Temperature : 55°C, Minimum Operating Temperature: -10°C, Consumption: 15W, Power Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, Includes: ProPower Cable, Dimensions (LxHxW): 240 x 150 x 124mm, Weight: 1.6kg