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Big Ben Clamp

The Avenger C4461-1 LP MP Eye Coupler grid clamp comes supplied with a 28 mm(1 1/8”) TV spigot. Commonly referred to as a Big Ben Clamp, this popular MP cheeseboro clamp has a wider clamp range than the LP clamp and is ideal for many rigging systems, truss and entertainment configurations.

The lower jaw has a special flattened shape which helps in the sizing of this clamp and the increased flexibility to clamp down on different types of tubing. The MP Eye Coupler uses a wing nut with washer locking design and is able to clamp down on round tubes, truss or grids ranging from 42 mm(1.65”) to 52 mm(2.04”) and is 50 mm(1.96”) wide. Capable of holding up to 300 kg/661.4 lb loads this clamp will perform in many demanding environments.

Daily Hire Price: £2.00

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Made from aluminium in silver finish

Jaws clamp down on pipes ranging from 42-52 mm/1.65-2.04”

MP cheesboro clamp with junior 28 mm/1 1/8” TV Spigot

Max Capacity 300 kg/661.4 lbs

TÜV/SÜD certified