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  • Astera Pixel Brick Accessory Kit

Astera Pixel Brick Accessory Kit

Astera PixelBrick Accessory Kit. The Accessory Case for the Astera PixelBrick kit is an optional add-on that provides you with even more mounting, rigging, and diffusion options.

Daily Hire Price: £50.00

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This rolling case includes (10) more Brick Mounts (4) Track mounting baby pins, (8) Brick Dome diffusers, (8) Brick Hinges, (8) Brick Tilts, (8) Eye Bolts, and two charging cables in 16′ and 8″ sizes. The specifics of what each accessory enables the user to do is too much to include here, but they allow the bricks to connect and creatively display in ways the base kit alone does not. While the base kit is functional and highly modular on its own, the Accessory Case is a welcome addition to the new PixelBrick line and leaves no rigging possibilities unexplored. For the full potential of the PixelBricks, we encourage renting both as a pair.

Sturdy charging and transportation case with 2 wheels and 3 handles to carry several accessories for PB15 PixelBrick.