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  • Arri Sky Panel X23 Modular Frame

Arri Sky Panel X23 Modular Frame

The X23 Modular Frame is a system that allows the mounting of three X21 fixtures in an array. The system includes aluminium profiles with integrated daisy chain cabling for Ethernet and power, yoke adapters, large stainless-steel handles, high strength tilt locks and robust tilt lock levers. Each frame includes three Quick-Lock Brackets that are optimized for use with HyPer Optics and X21 Domes, and the distance between brackets can be adjusted for use with S60 Adapters. The product also includes an angle indicator close to the side lever and two truss pins that hold the frames in place when mounted onto the X Modular Yoke. The Modular Frame can be inserted in the X Modular Yoke for a seamless stirrup format.

Daily Hire Price: £45.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

Use with X Modular Yoke

Quick-lock system and toolless installation

Two high-strength tilt locks

includes two daisy chain cables for power, and two for Ethernet, and two truss pins

Weight: approx. 5,6 kg / 12.3 lb