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Arri Orbitor

What’s new? Everything.

Orbiter is an ultra-bright, tuneable, and directional LED fixture from ARRI. All systems in Orbiter are completely new and designed with versatility in mind.

Daily Hire Price: £200.00

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Six-Colour Light Engine

Including a red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime LED, the ARRI Spectra six-colour light engine translates into a wider colour gamut, more accurate colours, and most importantly, higher colour rendition across the entire CCT range.


Orbiter’s processor is four times faster than the SkyPanel with 125 times more memory, setting the stage for extensive software features and updates in the future.

Powerful Software

Orbiter can take advantage of over five years of software development for the SkyPanel. Orbiter’s new software called LiOS (Lighting Operating System) includes all the innovative and ground-breaking features from SkyPanel plus others, making Orbiter one of the most fully‑featured luminaires on the market.

8 Colour Modes

LiOS’ eight-colour modes are available including CCT, HSI, individual colour, x/y coordinates, gel, source matching, lighting effects, and the new colour sensor mode which measures ambient light and recreates it through Orbiter’s output.


Over 240 favourite colours or lighting effects can be stored in Orbiter. These favourites can be easily selected via an easy-to-use interface or via DMX.

Operational Modes

Orbiter offers three operational modes to optimize the fixture’s performance for different applications. High colour rendering mode provides the best colour quality possible, high output mode generates the best brightness with slightly lower colour rendition, while low noise mode creates a balance for quiet operation with decent output.