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  • Aladdin 200w Bi Colour Flex 4*1

Aladdin 200w Bi Colour Flex 4*1

The new BI-FABRIC4 4 x 1 is an exceptionally well-built, bi-colour LED light with superior light output and quality. The colour output
is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and every point in between, and is completely dimmable from 100% to
1%. Most importantly, the light quality is the best available.

Daily Hire Price: £90.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

The BI-FABRIC 4 panel, at 48“x12“ weights only 2 pounds! This kit includes a professional-grade dimmer with a battery
plate built in (V-Lock or A/B Gold Mount) and DMX controls, and a extension cable.

Working with high CRI bi-colour light essentially means there is no need to colour correction or warming gels (CTO).
If you’re shooting a portrait with the light set to full daylight and want to add a touch of warmth for improved
skin tone, it’s just a turn of a dial.

If you’re working in tight quarters and there’s no room for a stand, there’s no problem, as you have several other
mounting options. Every BI-FABRIC panel has both male Velcro corners and mounting rings, which means you can
mount to any surface using female Velcro, screws, nails or even suction cups. And of course, if it’s easier, you can
simply gaff-tape the panel to walls, ceilings or poles.

Working with the BI-FABRIC is not like working with any other light. Because it is highly portable, throws beautiful
variable light, can be mounted just about anywhere, and is easy to use and built to last, it will free you from conventional
restrictions and allow you to improve the quality of your work.