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  • Generator 4×4 Izuzu Pick Up 45KW 1PNE or 3PNE

Generator 4×4 Izuzu Pick Up 45KW 1PNE or 3PNE

Our 4×4 pick up generator is one of the best on the market today. Being super silent makes it ideal for film and tv sets.

Daily Hire Price: £550.00

All prices are per day and exclude VAT

Being stage V compliant it can be used anywhere in the UK. This generator can be used with Diesel or Bio Fuel. Running in either 1PNE or 3PNE makes it versatile and practical for all production and lighting needs.

Vehicle spec: Front Axle 1220kg, Rear Axle 1880kg, Exterior length: 5305mm, Width: 1810mm, Max height (rear corner) 1984mm, Road tank: 76 Litres, Generator tanks: total: 130 litres

Estimated burn rate: 13.78 l/hr full load, 14.3l/hr at half load.

Sound: 7M dB 45/46

Outlets: 1 x Powerlock 1PNE/3PNE, 1 x 3PNE 63a, 1 x 1PNE 63a, 1 x 1PNE 32a, 1 x 1PNE 16a